EMDR Intensive Therapy

I tried talk therapy, and it didn’t help. EMDR is a good method of getting out of your head and into your emotions. It was helpful not to have time constraints. I couldn’t have done this in a 50 minute session.

Complex Trauma Survivor

What is EMDR?

Is weekly therapy not working for you?

Typical 50 minute therapy session:

15 minutes: Check in about the week

25 minutes: Skill building/trauma processing

10 minutes: Wind down/recap/homework

About half of the session is dedicated to opening and closing the session, leaving a limited amount of time for you to learn new skills or process trauma. Other things may come up throughout the week that you want to talk about and you are not able to complete trauma processing that week.

Typical full day intensive therapy session:


Resource devlopment (to be used during trauma processing)

Target memory selection (getting to the root of the symptoms)

Trauma processing/ inner child work

1 hour lunch

Trauma processing/ inner child work/ immaginary exposure (phobias)

Future Template (preparing for challenging future situations)

Wind down/ recap/ next steps

My brain needed the space to move at it’s own pace. This was self-care for me.

Client who worked through phobia of death

An intensive gives you a 3 hour or 6 hour block of time (with short breaks) to process trauma. Thanks to EMDR therapy, you can often accomplish the same amount of work that you would in 2-4 months of weekly therapy in one day.

EMDR Intensive Therapy Q&A (podcast or transcript) 

If you’re willing to be totally open and vulnerable, do it. You have to be at a place where you want the healing. It’s intense for a reason. You gotta dig deep.

Trauma Abuse Survivor

These are just a sample of examples of things people work on in intensive sessions:

  • Resolving trauma exacerbating OCD symptoms

  • Developing a go-to toolbox of skills for managing anxiety

  • Stopping panic attacks (often by processing the first and worse)

  • Reducing emotional suffering of dealing with chronic physical pain

  • Overcoming a phobia (flying, public speaking, needles, insects, throwing up, claustrophobia, etc) 

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Resolving anxiety/trauma that keeps you from dating again

  • Clearing blocks/past experiences to setting boundaries 

  • Processing specific traumatic experiences that are most troubling (recent or past)

  • Preparation for something you are anxious about (birth, surgery, etc)

  • Resolving trauma related to emotional eating

  • And many more! 

How to Heal From Trauma Faster (3 min read)

Intensives are offered on Fridays in person or online (if appropriate). Multiple day intensives available upon request for clients traveling long distances. If you are interested, the next step is to schedule a 30 minute video consultation to see if an intensive would be right for you. Consultations are $60, but the amount will be discounted from the intensive if you choose to book. Click the button below to schedule your consultation.  

Intensive Pricing: $700 (3 hours) or $1200 (6 hours). The intensive may save you money as you are able to potentially get more done in one day than months of individual therapy.    


M, T, TH- 9:00am - 5:00pm

F- intensives (3 or 6 hour blocks of therapy)

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